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Tips on HOW TO WIN Photo & Video CONTESTS
(an article by I.M. klik 2016's Chief Technical Judge; Andrew Boey, Director of Nikonian Academy Beyond Photography)


Being a professional photographer for about 2 decades, I have met many types of 'PROs' in photography; from Portrait Photographers to Product Photographers.
But what delight me the most; there is a special batch of Pros out there among us: Professional Photographers who specialise in WINNING Photo Contests!
Yes, they enter photo contests with the notion to WIN them. How do they do this, you ask? Well, easy, let me share with you their secrets.

Compliance With The Theme:

This is, by far, the biggest reason many submissions are disqualified in any photo contest: Failure to adhere to contest theme.

Let's break this down, using this contest as an example. I.M. klik 2016's theme this year is:

1. "10 years on". Iskandar Malaysia is celebrating its 10th year anniversary.
I believe any submissions that can depict the growth of the region within this 1 decade would be perfect.
Your submissions can perhaps reflect old vs new,  you can even include in your submissions the digit '10'?
Spend a little bit of time, think and plan what '10 years on' means to you, and I am sure you will get fascinating ideas!

2. all photos and videos MUST be shot in the Iskandar Region.
This can only mean one thing: your photos should include INDISPUTABLE landmarks in the Iskandar Region,
those listed in this fabulously informative website:
I have included a map of the Iskandar Region here:

Be Inspired By Previous Years Winners:

Every good student can tell you this: "Look at past-years exam questions" :)
And as such, looking at previous years' I.M. klik winners can give you very inspiring ideas and also raise the standards of your submissions.
But DO NOT copy and plagiarise of course! The objective here is to be inspired and get some ideas.

Submit Early:
Everyone loves procrastination..... NOT
Consequently, go out shoot some photos and videos the soonest you can. Process them, and get down to submitting it.
Simple reason: the sooner you submit the earlier the judges get to admire your photos.
This is important. You want them to REMEMBER your photos and videos and reference every other submissions against yours.

Simple Submissions:
Simple pictures and videos are always the best. They are easy to plan and shoot.
By simple, I mean: simple layering concept, uncluttered, easy to understand, and adhering to the contest theme (eg: can clearly see the landmarks in the background).
Judges hate to think much, really. Here are some examples of simple photos... and yes, they WON.
Here are some samples, and my favorite, indeed.

Andrew Boey is a commercial photographer & movie director.
I.M. klik 2016 is Andrew's 3rd consecutive year as the Chief Technical Judge.
He is also the founder and Director Of Academy of Nikonian Academy.

His area of expertise is commercial photography and also the production of TV, cinema and YouTube commercials.
He has worked for many international brand names like Ford, Nikon, Versace, DHL, Broadway New York, Petronas, MayBank, Maxis, DHL etc

Andrew's 20 year-old career in teaching photography and filming using ultra-fun & memorable approaches have made him one of the most sought-after trainers in the world.
Check out Andrew's highly popular YouTube Channel here: